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Inconel 625 was designed as a solid solution strengthened material with no significant microstructure. This holds true at low and high temperatures, but there is a region 923 to 1148 K where precipitates form that are detrimental to the creep properties, and thus the strength, of the alloy.3

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DescriptioncorrosionresistancePicklingMechanical PropertiesHeattreatmentWorkabilityAlloy 625 is a nonmagnetic , corrosion and oxidationresistant, nickelbased alloy. Its outstandingstrength and toughness in the temperature range cryogenic to 2000176F1093176C are derived primarily from the solid solution effects ofthe refractory metals, columbium and molybdenum, in a nickelchromiummatrix. The alloy has excellent fatigue strength and stresscorrosioncracking resistance to chloride ions. Some typical applications foralloy 625 have included heat shields, furnace hardware, ga

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Nickelbased alloy Inconel174 625 is mainly derived from columbium and molybdenum, within a nickelchromium matrix. Due to its chloride ions, this alloy provides advanced fatigue strength and stresscorrosion cracking resistance.


Inconel 625 is a material with excellent resistance to pitting, crevice and corrosion cracking. Inconel 625 is highly resistant in a wide range of organic and mineral acids. Good high temperature strength. Characteristics. Excellent mechanical properties at both extremely low and extremely high temperatures.

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Inconel 625 PropertiesProduction and ProcessingApplications of Inconel 625Exceptional material strengthThe strength of Inconel 625 lies not only in its nickelchromium base but also the hardening mechanism of niobium and molybdenum. The alloy matrix is strengthened by the interaction of niobium with molybdenum that offers high strength without the need for precipitationhardening treatment. The tensilHigh temperature resistanceWith a melting point of about 1300176C and a thermal expansion coefficient of 1.28 x 1051/K at 20176C, Inconel 625 resists a wide range of temperature extremes from cryogenic to extremely high. At high temperatures in the presence of oxidising agents, the titanium and niobium compositions of the oxide filCorrosion resistanceThe unique combination of its components makes Inconel 625 highly resistant to corrosive substances. This is the reason why this superalloy works excellently under high saline seawater, and more so in milder environments such as fresh water and standard atmospheric conditions. Upon exposure to

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Inconel174 625 is a NickelChromiumMolybdenumColumbium Niobium alloy with excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength at high temperatures. Agehardening treatments are not required to obtain the high strength properties of Alloy 625 due to the solid solution effects of molybdenum and columbium on the nickelchromium matrix.

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INCONEL174 nickelchromium alloy 625 UNS N06625/W.Nr. 2.4856 is used for its high strength, excellent fabricability including joining, and outstanding corrosion resistance. Service temperatures range from cryogenic to 1800176F 982176C. Strength of INCONEL174 alloy 625 is derived from the stiffening effect of molybdenum and niobium on its nickelchromium matrix thus precipitationhardening

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Inconel 174 625 corrosion resistant alloy, Ni61Cr22Mo9Fe5. Inconel ...

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Inconel 625 is a nickelbase alloy used both for its high strength and outstanding aqueous corrosion resistance. The strength of alloy 625 is primarily a solid solution effect from molybdenum and columbium. Alloy 625 has excellent weldability and is frequently used to weld AL6XN174 alloy. Matching filler metals are also used to join dissimilar metals.

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The outstanding and versatile corrosion resistance of INCONEL 625 alloy under a wide range of temperatures and pressures is a primary reason for its wide acceptance in the chemical processing field. Because of its ease of fabrication, it is made into a variety of components for plant equipment.

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