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Tungsten Copper Alloy Cu W

Feb 08, 2014 0183 32Consisting of pure tungsten W powder suspended in a matrix of copper Cu , these alloys are readily machinable and known for good thermal and electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion, being nonmagnetic, good performance under vacuum, and resistance to erosion from arcing. Thus, they are often used as electrical contacts, particularly in high voltage appli ions.32portugal32portugal

Tungsten Copper Alloy Sheets , Tungsten Copper Alloy plate ...

Standard compositions of Tungsten Copper alloys include W70/Cu30, W60/Cu40, W80/Cu20 and W90/Cu10. we can produce materials to custom specifi ions by request, in addition to custom compositions for commercial and research appli ions and new proprietary technologies. we also casts any of the rare earth metals and most other advanced ...32portugal32portugal

PDF W65/Cu35 3337Cu Balance W68/Cu32 2832Cu ... Eagle

EA Copper Tungsten Alloy Grades Copper Tungsten ASTMB70293 RWMA W50/Cu50 4852Cu Balance Class A Y W55/Cu45 4347Cu Balance Y Class 10 W56/Cu44 4246Cu Balance Y Class 10 W60/Cu40 3842Cu Balance Class B Y W65/Cu35 3337Cu Balance Y YX W68/Cu32 2832Cu Balance Y Class 10 3034Cu Alloy Balance Y W70/Cu30 2832Cu Balance Class C ...32portugal32portugal


1 COPPER TUNGSTEN ROD 13/4quot DIA X 8 quotLONG. COPPER TUNGSTEN. PURE TUNGSTEN. SILVER TUNGSTEN. COPPER ALLOY 102. 70 W 30 Cu. As your partner it is essential that we provide you with quality parts and impeccable service.: Saturn

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Copper Tungsten. Copper Tungsten Alloys are Tungsten based composite materials that are a strong refractory metal material manufactured by a stringently controlled process involving pressing, sintering and infiltrating with Copper or Silver. They are highly resistant to heat, electric arc, wear and deformation at high temperature welding, flash ...3

Materials 195 194 1pc WCU Tungsten 70 Copper 30 Alloy ...

1pc WCU Tungsten 70 Copper 30 Alloy Rod OD 2mm 0.078quot Length 200mm 8quot E0W1 WCu30: W70, Cu30 Conductance IACS:45 to 52 Hardness:HB170 to 200 Density:13.8 to 14.2 Dimension of this itemgt Diameter2mm, length200mm. Other dimensions are available in our shop. If you need, please contact us.32portugal32portugal

Copper Tungsten Round Rod 3/8 D x12 L , 70W

Copper Tungsten Round Rod 1/2 D x8 L , 70W 30Cu. 86.73. Free shipping. Copper Tungsten Round Rod 1/8 D x12 L , RWMA CL 10, W70/30 Alloy. 39.49. Free shipping. Copper Tungsten CuW Round Rod 3/32 D x12 L , RWMA CL 10, W70/30 Alloy. 35.65.32portugal32portugal

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Manufacturing tungsten. With an acknowledged reputation as one of the worlds most experienced tungsten specialists, Wolfmet manufactures tungsten alloy components to the highest specifi ions and quality standards.Our processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, while for aerospace appli ions they are also AS9100 approved. Because tungsten has the highest melting point of any 32portugal32portugal

Tungsten Steel Alloy Tungco Inc

Tungco 74 Alloys specializes in tungsten steel alloy and high speed steel, be it Tungsten Heavy Metal and other alloys found within or near the Tungsten family. Call 2708250000.32portugal32portugal

Properties of Copper Tungsten Torrey Hills Tech

Tungsten Plates and Bars. They are mainly used for making finished tungsten wire, rods and plates and additives to precision alloys. Tungsten Rods and Wires. They are mainly for electrical light sources, electrical contacts for vacuum coated films and heating elements, etc.32portugal32portugal

Coppertungsten bars WOLFTEN, leading experts in special ...

COPPERTUNGSTEN BARS. Wolften offers bars and rods made out of copper tungsten alloy with the following content of copper: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or 50. We supply bars and rods with the diameter ranging 8 150 mm and length up to 1000 mm. We fulfill orders for bars and rods in variety of parameters and dimensions, threaded or bored. ...


copper tungsten alloys TYPE: WCu50, WCu40, WCu30, WCu20, WCu15 WCu alloy is the composite of Tungsten and Copper , which own the excellent performances of Tungsten and Copper , such as heatresistant , ablateresistant , highintensity , excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

Mo70Cu30 heat sinks Tungsten, Tungsten Alloy, Tungsten ...

The thermal conductivity and low expansion also make molybdenum copper alloy an excellent choice even for extremely dense circuits. It is a composite of molybdenum and copper. By controlling the content of molybdenum, we can design its coefficient of thermal expansion CTE , matching that of the materials, such as Ceramics Al2O3, BeO ...

Tungsten heavy alloys sheets WOLFTEN, experts in special ...

TUNGSTEN HEAVY ALLOY SHEETS. We offer tungsten heavy alloy sheets with thickness up to 100 mm, yet we supply tungsten sheets and plates in any sizes and dimensions.. Depending on your requirements, we can offer products in different classes and alloy composition to include nickel, copper, iron or molybdenum.The content of tungsten in these products reaches up to 9097.

COPPER TUNGSTEN ROD 13/4quot X 8quot LONG CuW W70/Cu30 eBay

1 COPPER TUNGSTEN ROD 13/4quot DIA X 8 quotLONG. COPPER TUNGSTEN. PURE TUNGSTEN. SILVER TUNGSTEN. COPPER ALLOY 102. 70 W 30 Cu. As your partner it is essential that we provide you with quality parts and impeccable service.: 98.8

Alloy Electrical Properties

0183 32Alloy Electrical Properties Electrical resistivity mOhmcm Temperature coefficient K1 Platinum/Tungsten Pt92/W 8 6268 0.00025 Silver/Copper Ag72/Cu28

Transition Metals Tungsten W LibGuides at The ...

27/09/2021 0183 32One of tungstens unusual properties is its very high melting point of 3,410 176C 6,170 176F . This is the highest melting point of any metal. Another of its important properties is its ability to retain its strength at very high temperatures. These properties account for tungstens primary appli ion, the manufacture of alloys.

Tungsten W The Different Properties and Appli ions

The chemical name of tungsten is Wolfram, represented by W. Its atomic number is 74 and it belongs to the transition metal egory, period 6 of the periodic table. Two of the most important ores of tungsten are scheelite and wolframite. These minerals are mainly distributed in China, Austria, Russia, Portugal

Why was Nazi Germany short of Tungsten Axis History Forum

12/09/2011 0183 32Portugals economic success hinged on its rich wolfram ore deposits. The Nazis were totally dependent on Portugal and Spain for its wolfram supplies. Wolfram or tungsten has a variety of uses including its use as the filament in light bulbs. However, it

w wu1 Tungsten W Wolfram 74 183.84 u Tungsten tung sten

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